Thursday, July 15, 2010

The preggo days are coming to an end :)

I can't believe I'm am 39 weeks pregnant! This has been an amazing journey.
It is such a miracle how God creates a human being! My friends have always said how they miss being pregnant. I think I understand what they are talking about now even though these last few weeks are not the greatest. I am going to miss feeling our little one kicking,
I went to see the Doctor Tues, things are looking good. I am dilated to a 1 (which really doesn't mean to much but at least the process has begun, and the baby has pretty much dropped, every day I feel more pressure on my pelvis, Baby's head is really really low so im hoping once 10 cm comes this baby will come right out :)
The doctor is guessing baby to be weighing about 8 lbs. Which is fine by me, I was 11 lbs when I was born so I had a little fear that I was going to have a big baby also but 8 lbs I can deal with :)

The next post will be an exciting one!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

WEEK 36 ! !

It's been a few weeks, sorry for the delay friends.
Me and baby are doing wonderful. It is just beginning to feel uncomfortable. When I sit he is not happy and kicks my ribs non stop. When I stand I seem to feel tired faster. My walk has become more of a slow stroll. LOL other than those minor things life is good! I think I am nesting on and off. Last week I cleaned and organized our pantry. Last night I went to town on the bathroom cupboards. OMG I had soo many 1/2 used bottles of things I got a full trash bag full of crap! It was such a good feeling. Next we are going up stairs and start packing up everything start getting ready for the move (which isn't until end of Aug early Sept. so I have some time.)

Back to baby, The last appointment was the 15th everything was perfect the Dr is pleased:) Next tues we go in for our first "exam" appointment. Me and Baby get a group B strep test. Dr makes sure he is in the right position. Which he has been at every appointment so far. It sure seems like he moves around so much its hard to believe his head stays in the same area. Which happens to be directly on my bladder. He must be a very LONG baby!
Then I start going in every week :) The count down has begun! Today is 30 days till his due date :)
Last week Monday I got my belly pics done :) I figure sense I'm free of stretch marks (as of now) I should capture this little guys every moment. I might not be so lucky with baby #2 Here are a few of my favorites!

I would like to post a prayer request for Janet Brown, My best friend Kaycie's Step Mom.
She went in for a robotic heart surgery a few days ago and there were some complications.
I heard she is stable this morning but still needs lots and lots of prayers to get her back to full recovery! It is very hard on this close family so pray for comfort for them as well, as all they can really do now is wait for the Good Lord to work miracles which we all know is what he does best! Thank you ! God Bless!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Time is flying

29 weeks and 3 days preggo today :)
We made it to the 3rd Trimester can't believe it, already?
We had a very busy week last week....
Monday I had my Doc appointment where I got my blood sugar checked. I failed my 1st test. My blood sugar was 150 1 hour after I drank the yummy orange drink. The doctor said 139 and below is good and 200 and above is Gestational Diabetes. So I was in the Gray area which means I had to go in for test #2 a 3 HOUR test at the hospital. I couldn't eat 12 hours before the test once I got there they drew my blood. Then I got to drink another orange drink (which tastes like Sunkist ;) and then every hour after that drink for 3 hours they draw blood. So needless to say I have 2 nice little bruises on my arms But it was worth it cause I PASSED!! I do NOT have Gestational Diabetes :) Bring on the sweets!! haha
I also sense I last updated found a new love for Garage sales! I went 2 days in a row and found a few outfits but the big thing was a CRIB! Here is my Sierra testing it out for us to make sure its good a sturdy. LOL She may look like she doesn't mind it in there but she wasn't to thrilled about it that's for sure. Gary makes Sierra try out everything 1st. He also put her in Baby's stroller. What is Daddy going to make the poor dog do next?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

26 Weeks

Not much new is happening with Baby, He is just moving non stop these days.
Next doctors appointment is May 3. I have my blood sugar test that morning can't wait to drink the orange drink in my fridge. (not)
Then I'm on to every 2 weeks instead of every 4 weeks.
Time sure is going FAST!
Can't go fast enough though I'm really getting excited to meet our little man!

Here are a few pics of me and baby at 26 weeks.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Doing wonderful...

I went to see Doctor Krause today. I had an 11:00 appt, got a call at 10:50 saying she just ran out the door to do a delivery (which is so exciting :) That has to be the most amazing Job!!
We got to see her at 2:00 instead. We went over the Ultrasound from 2 weeks ago, Baby Newcomer is doing wonderful! He is in a 53% bracket. (which I didn't understand so I had her explain) They base the baby's growth on a percentage they don't want the baby under 10% and don't want to baby over 90%. Baby is Sitting perfect at 53% that was good to hear cause I have a feeling I am going to have a large baby, but so far he is normal weight :) Also 24 weeks is a big milestone for the pregnancy the baby is now viable. (I think that's the right word) Which means baby's chances of surviving outside the womb are high. Obviously there is alot of growing the baby has to do yet on the inside but that is a very encouraging feeling to have :)

Me on the other hand have to cut back on junk food. Gained a few to many lbs in the last 4 weeks. No more french fries for me :( The Doctor said its nothing to worry about! (but I'm still going to take it easy on the junk food)
While the Doctor had the Doppler thing on my stomach listening to his heartbeat he decided to kick it! not just a little kick but a "get that thing off my mommy" kick! haha It was to funny we both jumped a little it made a really loud noise out of the machine. Our active little guy had a heartbeat of 161bpm Doctor said he must have been moving for a while.
I also took a look at my belly bottom the other day and saw it is starting to pop out oh my word!! haha.
I also got the Valences for the baby's room. I wanted to make sure I liked the colors before all the bedding came in sense it was order online only and I LOVE IT!! If you want to check it out it is on my registry at JCPenny'
God Bless!

Monday, March 29, 2010


Here is baby giving us a peace sign :)
Daddy says he already has the Harley wave down :)

Another view of his hand

This one you can see his mouth is open
and his hands are by his face.

More Baby photos

Me and Baby went to get another Ultrasound done this morning.
The doctor STILL wasn't comfortable with my due date because we were going back and forth with when my cycle was and she was missing info in her computer from when we had the very first ultrasound done at 9 weeks. So we waited 4 weeks (which was today) and took more measurements to see the rate Baby was growing.
Turns out he is right on track! The due date still stands as July 23. He is weighing in at 1lb 8oz. Definitely growing! (and so am I)
It was cool to see how much of a change he made in just 4 weeks. Everything was more clear. And she confirmed again that it is infact a little boy ;)