Thursday, July 15, 2010

The preggo days are coming to an end :)

I can't believe I'm am 39 weeks pregnant! This has been an amazing journey.
It is such a miracle how God creates a human being! My friends have always said how they miss being pregnant. I think I understand what they are talking about now even though these last few weeks are not the greatest. I am going to miss feeling our little one kicking,
I went to see the Doctor Tues, things are looking good. I am dilated to a 1 (which really doesn't mean to much but at least the process has begun, and the baby has pretty much dropped, every day I feel more pressure on my pelvis, Baby's head is really really low so im hoping once 10 cm comes this baby will come right out :)
The doctor is guessing baby to be weighing about 8 lbs. Which is fine by me, I was 11 lbs when I was born so I had a little fear that I was going to have a big baby also but 8 lbs I can deal with :)

The next post will be an exciting one!!

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